Sparta, New Jersey is an amazing town to live in and is characterized by its beautiful neighborhoods and its idyllic setting near New Jersey's famed Lake Mohawk. It was first organized as a township in 1845 by way of a New Jersey legislative act and the town’s name is believed to be inspired by the famed ancient Greek city-state of Sparta. The Sparta community is the proud home of eleven different lakefront communities and many of the area's residents engage in home operated businesses.

The 18 thousand-plus residents that live in Sparta enjoy the beauty offered by New Jersey's highlands. The region is characterized by its metamorphic and igneous rock structures that make up the beautiful mountains that surround the Sparta area. The region's residents benefit from living in a beautiful rural setting while also living close enough to New York City that they can easily take advantage of the benefits that the city offers.

If you are a resident of the Spara area and you need the services of the area’s most reliable and trusted septic service professionals, then contact our team at Aaron Septic Service & Excavation. We are committed to providing an elite customer experience that includes doing the job the right way the first time. This commitment to excellence is what has allowed us to run a successful operation for the past 35 years.

Expert Septic Installation Services

When you need installation for a new septic system or you need to replace your existing one, you can turn to our team of dedicated professionals for assistance. We will bring our expertise, professionalism, and our specialized equipment to your location and install a septic system that is meant to last for years.

Reliable Septic Repair

Septic system repair is one of our areas of expertise here at Aaron Septic Service & Excavation. It is not always necessary to completely replace a septic system because repair work can get it working correctly again. Issues often arise when proper maintenance has not occurred, but our professionals can assess the situation and conduct any repairs needed to fix the issues and return the septic system to full function.

The Importance of Septic System Maintenance

Septic system maintenance is one of the most important practices needed to ensure longevity. These systems are designed to be able to last for years and do not require an exhaustive amount of maintenance effort. At the same time, an annual maintenance inspection is the best policy for maintaining your septic system over the long haul. Our team at Aaron Septic Service & Excavation will provide you with a thorough septic system inspection and we will perform any maintenance that is needed to keep things working at peak efficiency.

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