Mendham, New Jersey is an incredible place to live. The borough is located 40 miles from New York City. Residents of Mendham have all the conveniences of small town living, but are also able to take in the sights of the Big Apple readily. The population of this quaint borough is about 5,000.

If you live in the Mendham area and are looking for an experienced and reliable septic servicing company, you should consider Aaron Septic Service and Evacuation. Our reputable staffers take pride in their work and on doing a job right the first time. We like to think that this work ethic is why we've been in business for so long.

Septic Install

Whether you're installing a new septic system or simply replacing an older system, our company can help you. We have the equipment and expertise necessary to excavate and dig a new drainage field.


Sometimes, a system overhaul may not be needed. If the system is properly maintained, any issues that arise should be minor. Even if issues do arise, it's usually possible to repair the system. Our team will quickly evaluate any problems and give an honest assessment if the issue can easily be fixed or if a new system is necessary. Properly maintaining a system is the most cost effective option in the long run. Our experienced staff can give you tips on accomplishing this goal as well.


Septic tanks are designed to function for decades with minimal maintenance. The tank itself could last forever, depending upon the materials from which it's made. Drainage fields last several decades or more if properly maintained. If your drainage field has problems, you may need a company that is capable of doing excavation.

To ensure that your system is functioning properly, you should get the system inspected every year. During the inspection, a qualified technician will check the lid on the tank as well as the ground around the tank. The baffles on the top of the tank are also checked to make sure that they are clean and operating properly. Baffles are what keep the solids in the tank and out of your drain field.

After checking the pipes leading out of the tank for blockages, the sludge levels in the tank will be checked. Once the sludge reaches a certain level, it's time to clean out the tank. In order to properly maintain a tank, you should get it pumped at regular intervals. The rate of frequency depends on how many people are living in the home and the size of the tank. The average tank needs to be cleaned once every 3 years, but some tanks are cleaned every year.

If you have concerns about your system or need your tank cleaned, call Aaron for a free estimate at 973-663-6058. Our company can help you with installation, excavation, maintenance or repair of septic systems. We've been providing exceptional service to the residents of the Mendham area for the past 35 years.

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